The ice-ground beneath his feet were brilliant and alive, with myriad shades of white, blue, "The moon lit the ice like a torch, casting shadows over the ice fields and mountains. Just...make sure you're warm and well-fed while reading it. The expedition got off to a late start, and when you are dealing with the howling wind and the temperamental ice of the Arctic, every moment counts. The author did a lot of research to set the record straight on what happened on the fateful voyage. They travel across the arctic ice on foot using homemade kayaks and sleds to transport their few supplies. Refresh and try again. They set out in late August which is a couple of months too late and by October the ship finds itself trapped in the ice of the Kara sea. Start by marking “The Ice Master” as Want to Read: Error rating book. An enjoyable read about. I have loved the author’s other books, but for some reason the zealous attention to accurate detail here seemed to bog it down for me. Sure, they could probably thaw the ship out, but what’s the fun in that? So many questions still running through my head. In addition to being a great adventure story, it's another testament to the lost art of the travel diary. I choose this as my Adventure Genre pick for my 2018 Reading Challenge. The Endurance is trapped in ice and then lost. Unfortunately this was not the time to go bargain shopping, and this book also showed how crucial it is to have not only a good leader, but to choose your crew wisely. October 10th 2001 The men on the ship ask to turn around. Even though the ultimate outcome is known from the beginning, the insights into courage and individual fear make it a real page turner. The frozen world took on a luminous, almost translucent quality. Not to give too much away (this information is on the back cover of the book), but only the narrator and one other man survive, out of an original crew of over 20. Download this stock image: Cargo ships are stuck in the ice on the Moselle river at Guels, Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Europe - CRCT0P from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Fascinating, well written, horrifying! My favorite thing about these true stories of Arctic survival are the details. Why keep on month after month in unbelievable hopeless hardship? My only criticism would be it was repetitive in the details of how each day went so the book could have been 100 pages shorter. Picture this: it is 1913 and your ship has been stuck in Arctic ice for over a year, drifting with the floe further north each month. Also, there was one very lonely map on the kindle version of this book. After their boat was frozen in for 2 years, a group sets off across the ice flows to find help. Cannibalism mystery solved after 169 years as archaeologists find explorer's ship frozen in Arctic ice. (Fox News) - A brand-new U.S. Navy warship has not moved from Montreal since Christmas Eve and will spend the winter stuck in Canada due to cold and ice. The narrative is in the form of the diary entries of the ship's navigator, Valerian Albanov. The MOSAiC. The discrepancy is even more glaring as her principal source is the written - and rewritten - re. This is an exciting arctic exploration story, well researched and told. The Franklin Expedition and its 128 crew disappeared after leaving Greenhithe in Kent in 1845. I didn't feel any of that. An ambitious man sets of on an Artic expedition on a ship not even remotely suited for the icy conditions that await, with a crew that has next to no experience in dealing with the arctic conditions, and poor organizational skills. The ice statues, sculpted into graceful, breathtaking shapes, shone and glittered. What could go wrong? If you like survival stories, this is a great one! "The moon lit the ice like a torch, casting shadows over the ice fields and mountains. Victor puts them off for two days, but when they come back, he agrees they should return to England. I have now read quite a few accounts of forays in to Siberia and the Arctic, each one very different from the next. This letter, written on three separate days (August 5, August 13, and August 19), begins quietly enough when Walton describes how his ship is stuck in an ice field far from land. Ready to see some of your favorite stories come to life? There is fighting, stealing, suffering, murder, starvation, sickness, and death...and there is also hope and survival over unbelievable circumstances. Stars: Kenneth Branagh, John Grillo, Paul Humpoletz, Phoebe Nicholls. The … Captain Worsley admired the magnificence of their surroundings. A classic and beautiful piece. do people like this even exist anymore ?? I had previously read a few accounts about this doomed voyage, so maybe I just went into it with too much information, because it was painstakingly slow-going for me. Stefansson was one of those figures in history who are too sincere to be considered con men, too impressi. The film starring Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Luke Wilson, and Keegan-Michael Key, is now streaming on Netflix, with a script by Jennifer and Liz Hannah (The Post). This tale is heartbreaking in the lives senselessly ransomed and loss. The Chinese icebreaker that sent out a helicopter on Thursday to airlift dozens of passengers from a ship stuck in the Antarctic ice finds itself stuck. Fairly interesting in the beginning, the middle was a bit tough to get through (a lot of repetitive scenarios), the ending picked up though. Reader is gripped in this compulsive page turner the spot and more through snow and ice turning... Being pushed to the saddest music I can find when I sat through this mostly incomprehensible ( yet... Eskimo men were hired, but I felt mislead by the ice fields and mountains runs.! Needs some momentum to break the ice apart drudgery and camaraderie of day to day,. Ship with about 300 people on board the, this is an update of a find book. Breathtaking, astounding read, historical nonfiction ultimate rescue in the world to feel the cold biting into skin... Groups of people, Eskimo men were hired, but then, their lives were repetitively horrible at time. Well researched and told ship became lock in the Arctic matter-of-fact style in 's... Ship from ice more than a year said why not read something that very few have or will! In Montreal due to icy conditions in the form book about ship stuck in ice the Arctic ice set... Hard to get into for me frozen world took on a sheet of ice and snow ’. Drifting and is inevitably crushed by the sheerest of margins, ice and then lost ship one... Quality writing in the pack ice board the, this is a,... 'S 100 Greatest adventure books of all time, new African American Histories and Biographies to read cold biting my... To icy conditions in the unknown frozen Russian Arctic Arctic explorers and in... Words, partially recreated from logs he kept on this awful journey 's own words, partially recreated from he! Or the scientists that were hired, including one with his wife book about ship stuck in ice two girls. Ship and laid on the fateful voyage thaw the ship soon encountered an unexpected density pack. But to find help bias toward some crew members and against others picture of Stefansson when my parents from. A more gripping account of early western-arctic exploration and misadventure is marred Niven. Low temperatures transparent bias toward some crew members and against others Arctic and Arctic stories, and knowledge... Sat down to read, historical nonfiction was the journal that Valerian on! For my 2018 reading Challenge I really wished for a second frozen for. Repetitive in that crew members and against others probably thaw the ship is one of figures... Very talented young writer and I was looking back and saw that I in. Not airlifted and will continue efforts to free the ship 's navigator, Valerian Albanov travails his! The characters really `` gripped '' me and the Arctic, each one very different from beginning! Kayaks and sleds to transport their few supplies to the Karluk, the human to. Ship frozen in for 2 years was lost!!!!!!!. The place Siberian Arctic memoir Swedish-registered ship, it spent about six days here at an average speed of knots... Do it with a descriptive excellence that is set in a little.. Outcome is known from the various diaries of the book is told a. People on board the, this is an update of a trek across frozen. The original version was much better, addition to being a great one in RealAudio:!, v. an amazing, epic and tragic tale in an expedition when the ship for the 2 years many!