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Horse Law

My Book – Horse Law, Third Edition

After a first edition with Shaws, at the suggestion of Molly Sivewright I approached JA Allen for the second edition. A third was commissioned and this was published earlier this year.

This edition has been described as:

“Both readable and useful”

“The challenges of loaning, leasing, selling or recommending a horse to a prospective new keeper are thoroughly covered”

“One of the most interesting chapters in the book looks at the rules and governance of various equestrian bodies and it must, therefore be seen as a useful tool for anyone entering into discussions with these organisations. For that chapter alone it deserves a place on the bookshelf of every competitor at affiliated events”

“It is a great book that deserves its place on the bookshelf of any person dealing in any professional capacity with horse owners or riders as it may not always prevent issues from occurring but it will provide a great deal of guidance to the reader when they do!”

Horse Law is available at