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Court proceedings can be lengthy and protracted and often have long lasting consequences continuing well beyond any dispute decided by a Judge. Any relationships, whether family, trade or professional will be placed under strain as a dispute proceeds through the Courts and the situation is unlikely to be improved by a judgment of the Court which leaves one party unhappy and often both parties with a sense of injustice.

The Courts are not the only forum for resolving disputes. Mediation provides an alternative which is simple, quicker and often much less expensive. Mediation is conducted well away from the intensity and stress of the Court arena.

Mediation allows the parties, with the assistance of the mediator, to seek an outcome which suits both parties and in an environment of their choosing.

The advantages of mediation:

  • Speed
  • Economy
  • Certainty
  • Informality
  • Non confrontational
  • Significantly less stressful
  • Discussing issues that are beyond the remit of a Court

Julie undertakes mediation in Family and Civil cases, particularly those relating to horses.